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In this Thailand holiday package we have included the major three cities of Thailand which are famous among visitor with its own attraction.

Thailand is the country in Southeast Asia most visited by tourists (Bangkok Pattaya & Phuket), and for good reason. You can find almost anything here. The thick jungle as green as can be, crystal blue waters. That feel more like a warm bath than a swim in the ocean, and food that can curl your nose hairs while dancing across your taste buds.

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is covered by an area of more than 1500 sq. Km. It gives visitors the opportunity to experience fascinating glimpse of Thailand’s gentle culture, Buddhist Temples, numerous shopping centers and traditional ways of life exploring worth with a trip along its waters.

Pattaya, which is at 150 km southeast of the Bangkok. It has been groomed for international visitors that attracts through its tranquil surroundings, beaches, underworld water. It makes an attempt to provide the best facilities in an exhaustive way. A superb coastal location that adds everything. One can think of recreation, entertainment, sightseeing and fun over there.

Phuket, the largest island of Thailand located at 862 km south of Bangkok. The natural resources, beaches, tropical island forests and world renowned diving sites contribute to make it most visited and popular island. It has a lot more to offer that has never failed to impress visitors from all walks of life.

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