Buying and Selling Safety

Buymandu operates a thriving online marketplace in Nepal. This is a free service and Buymandu is not involved in any financial transaction or payment.

While most of the people listing classifieds on Buymandu are nice, normal and honest people, we do occasionally find few scammers placing advertisements. Do have a look at these handy tips to avoid common scams:

1. Buymandu connects buyers and sellers and we always encourage face-to-face local
trading. This means that the majority of users who reply to your ad will be in your local

2. We urge that when you are buying or selling you should always meet in person to
inspect the item and exchange money.

3. To create a better experience for all users, you can only post one ad per item/ service to
avoid further confusions.

4. Please choose suitable “Location” and “Category” that is most relevant to your ad and
post “One” ad there. Do not post the same ad repeatedly across Categories or Locations.

5. Never deal with anyone offering something for sale in Foreign currencies- anyone who
asks you to do so may be a scammer.

6. Never wire funds via banks or any other wire service. Avoid sending products via post. –
anyone who asks you to do so may a scammer.

7. Fake Cashier Cheques & Money Orders are common, and Banks will cash them and then
you will be hold responsible when the fake is discovered weeks later.

payments, Guarantee transactions, Provide any such services, or Offer “Buyer
Protection” or “Seller Certification”.

9. Never give out Financial Information (bank account number, Personal information or
any other sensitive information, etc.) to anyone online.

10. Posting duplicate ads and/or posting the same ad using a different email address isn’t
allowed on Buymandu. This isn’t fair to other users and is annoying when reviewing
search results. It will be deleted as soon as it is discovered.

Take extra caution when…

1. The offer sounds too good to be true.
2. The other party keeps pushing you to complete the deal.
3. The other party claims to be overseas or working offshore.
4. Buying branded items. It is always advisable to meet up with the seller in person
and check the authenticity of the item at a certified shop.

Feel free to visit our Blog for more information.