How does Buymandu work

Buymandu is an online marketplace website for Nepal where you can post free ads for goods and services along with search jobs if you are looking for one and post vacancies if you are a business/ firm.

You can sell your used goods if you don’t want them any more. If you are a store selling brand new products, Buymandu is here is for you. You can advertise your busines here. Buymandu is not only for used goods, you can sell new products too through Buymandu.

Similarly, you can search for jobs in Buymandu if you are unemployed. If you already have a job, no worries you can still use Buymandu to create a your Job Profile. If your skill and qualification match any Job vacancy posted in Buymandu, you will be notified through Email.

Moreover, Companies and Businesses can post vacancies in Buymandu if you need new recruitment. If you are in urgent need of employees, feel free to browse through Buymandu Job Profiles and choose the Employee that suits best for you. As contact details are available instantly, you can easily get in touch with them.

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